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Ottoneā€™s Family Kitchen Debuts with Family-Style Meals for Pickup and Delivery…Click Here To Read Full Article


“We aren’t in the restaurant business, we’re in the business of spreading joy. Incredible food and drink just so happens to be the way in which we achieve that.”

The History

When we Opened our First Restaurant in 1992, we never imagined the journey this would become. Things were simple back then; it was more than just a restaurant, more than just a job, and the people were more than just coworkers. We were a family, a family fighting for the success of something we all collectively believed in – that the power of great hospitality combined with the passion of incredible food & drink had the ability to create lasting memories between loved ones and friends\. We knew what we were doing was more than simply selling food. People came to us, to our family, to experience something you just couldn’t get anywhere else. That’s what this has always been about, the coalition of great products and great people can create something spectacular.
We’ve Grown a Lot since our early days in that small restaurant, but our values and our mission remain the same. Ottone restaurants have always, and will always, be about more than great food – they’re about creating an everlasting experience to bring all of us just a little closer together.

As our movement continues to grow, so does our family. That’s why we’re so excited to now offer our family style dining straight to you. You can now enjoy family prepped meals, enough for 4 to 6 People, in the comfort of your own home.